Self Employment Promotion Programmes

Entrepreneurship development Programme :
These programmes are designed to build up self motivation and develop entrepreneurial and technical skills to prepare the trainees to start micro- enterprises either individually or in group. These programmes range from Agricultural EDPs to technically sophisticated service oriented programmes such as Electronic gadgets repairs, Computer Hardware servicing , DTP etc. Broadly they are general EDPs or skill imparting or skill up gradation programmes depending upon the maturity level of the trainees.

Self Help Group Programme :
Through training, the members of Self Help Group are facilitated to manage their affairs in an efficient manner. Training is imparted in three levels depending upon the need of the group.

  • Self Help Management Programme- A- SMP (A) aims at training SHG members on basic aspects of group formation, the concept and functioning.
  • Self Help Management programme- B- SMP (B) focuses on training in accounting and capacity building.
  • Self Help Management programme- C- SMP(C) are training programmes imparting the required skills to carry out a group activity.

All these training are provided free of cost as camp programmes at the doorsteps of the members of SHG.