Organizational Setup

The SyndRSETI functions under the board policy parameters set by Syndicate Rural Development Trust (SRDT). The Board of Trustees of SRDT is headed by the chairman and Managing Director of Syndicate Bank. The Registered Office of the Trust is at SyndicateBank,Head Office, Manipal 576119, Udupi district, Karnataka state, India. The objects of the Trust are to carry out or assist in the carrying out of the Rural Development Programmes. In this direction, SRDT has established various SyndRESETI’s in the country to identify, orient, train unemployed youth coming under their operational area to take up gainful self employment ventures.

A Local Advisory committee guides each SyndRSETI, which is responsive to local needs of the institute. A director and Associate Director who are drawn from the sponsor bank, with rich and vast experience in the field of rural development administer the SyndRSETI. Experienced Guest Faculties are drawn from different fields. Successfully trained and settled candidates from the panel of faculty. Practical skills are provided to trainees.