About SyndRSETI

Syndicate Rural Development Trust (SRDT) was established on 2nd October 2000 by Syndicate Bank, in commemoration of its platinum jubilee. It is a non profit charitable Trust and it aims at holistic rural development through various initiatives foremost being the development of micro-enterprises among the unemployed youth specially in the rural areas by suitable training and to enhance their standard of living and there by contribute to the overall all national economy.

SyndRural Self Employment Training Institute (SyndRSETI)

Due to lack of necessary skill for undertaking particular enterprise and also their inability to access to the formal vocational training institutions due to lack of basic entry level qualification, it is difficult of the rural youth especially the BPL youth to take up any venture of self employment. Even if they are engaged in some trade, they need some hand holding in the form of periodic doses of sill upgradation and training for making their initiative viable and sustainable in an increasingly competitive environment. SyndRSETI provides such training, besides hand holding support escort services and arrange for financial support in the form of bank credit after the training to sort out the teething troubles in setting up for the enterprise.

Syndicate institute of Rural Entrepreneurship Development (SIRD) was set up by SRDT. The first SIRD started functioning from 2nd October 2000. On 30.03.2011 the name of the institute was changed as SyndRural Self Employment Training Institute (SyndRSETI), prefixing Banks brand name Synd with the name of the institute. At present fifteen such institutes are functioning, four in Karnataka, two in AP, one in Kerala, six in Uttar Pradesh and two in Haryana.